⛏️Get started with mining

Step by step guide to get started with mining

So you want to start mining XKR? Great! This is the place to start.


First order of business is to download the mining software, although there are many alternatives to choose between, we recommend XMRig.

Download XMRig here:



Note to Windows users Your antivirus software may react to the mining software, this is because viruses often download mining software to unknowing peoples PC's, hijacking their computer for unwanted mining. Just add a rule in your anti virus software to prevent this. Here's a guide.


You need a config-file for the miner in order to mine. Generate one here.

Don’t have a XKR address? Get one here (don't forget to save your mnemoic seed so you can access your funds with a wallet).

After you've generated your config.json file, place it into your XMRig folder.

Start the miner

Simply open start to start mining.

Congratulations! You’re mining!

Sit back and enjoy! Your computer is now generating XKR for you.

Got any issues? Visit our support-channel on Discord.

You can keep track on your mining progress from the pool's website.

Go to MiningPoolStats.com to check out the statistics of the different mining pools and get access to their websites.

Happy mining!

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