How to use Hugin Mobile

Download the app

First, install the latest version of Hugin Messenger to your Android phone by going to the Play Store:
If you do not have access to the Google Play Store, then you can download the .apk file directly from our GitHub:
Release v1.1.1 · kryptokrona/hugin-mobile
After downloading the .apk-file, open it from your File-browser to start the installation.

Create an account

After installing the app, open it up and you will be greeted by this welcome screen:
As a first time user, tap "Create new account" and follow the instructions. If you have had an account before, you may choose the "Restore account" option instead.
If you created a new account, make sure to save the mnemonic seed at the step shown in the picture below:
Your Hugin account is both your messaging account and a wallet for XKR. If you lose your device, the only way to restore your XKR balance is by restoring your account on another device with the mnemonic seed. Store it somewhere safe!

Funding your account

After following the instructions for creating/restoring your account, you should be greeted by your profile page:
Your profile page contains your contact details and your wallet balance. If you want to give your contact details to someone, you can click the "Copy" button (see picture above) and send your address to someone. You may also click the background to reveal your QR-code (see picture below) that can be scanned by someone else in order to quickly add you.
The XKR wallet in Hugin is used both as a small stake while sending messages, and as a way to transfer funds privately.
If you don't have any XKR, you can only receive messages, so make sure your account is always funded. You can get funds either by mining, buying, or using the faucet. If you have 0 balance, you should be able to see the "Top up" button on your profile. Click it to go directly to the faucet, which will give you 5 XKR to start out with.
Make sure your payment address is added to the address-field, solve the captcha and then hit 'Claim'. That should give you 5 free XKR. After ~90 seconds your funds is available in your account (go to your profile page to see your current balance).
As you can see in the picture above, the account has now been funded with 5 XKR and is now ready to be used!

Adding contacts

To add a new chat contact, go to the private message page (the 💬 icon) and click the Add contact button in the top right corner (pictured below).
Then you may either paste your contacts Address and message key into the form, or scan your friends QR code - and then enter a nickname for your contact.
Tap 'Continue' and the you will find yourself in an open chat with your new contact! Simply type a message and hit 'Send' to send them a message!

Sending payments

In addition to sending messages, you can also send payments to your contacts! Do this by going to the payment screen (the wallet icon). Then pick the contact you want to send funds to at the screen in the picture below:
Now just enter the amount you want to send, or pick "Send all" if you want to send your entire balance. Then confirm the transfer and it should be on it's way! 💸

Using boards

Boards are public message boards where you can communicate with strangers and friends alike. Unlike with private messages in Hugin, boards messages are not encrypted!
To use boards in Hugin Mobile, click the double 💬 icon in the menu and you will se a screen that looks a little bit like this:
This is the Home board and it collects message from all other boards. You may click a post to browse the board that it was posted in. You can also switch board, and add or remove subscriptions to boards by clicking the active board title (the blue "Home" in the top right corner in the picture above).

Add/remove board subscriptions

The picture above is the My Boards screen, you can tap 'Edit' to remove subscriptions to boards, or add a new board subscription by typing it's name in the 'Add board'-field directly under the title and then hitting enter on the keyboard.
To create a brand new board, you do the exact same thing as above.
In the picture above you can see how I have created a new board called 'My Cool Community' which I can then use to talk to my cool friends!

That's all folks!

If you're having trouble or want to know more, you can come ask us anything in our Discord server. Welcome!
Last modified 7mo ago