🚒Deploy node with Docker

With this guide you will learn how to deploy a public node quickly and easily with Docker.

Get the script

First we need to get the shell script from the Kryptokrona repository. Go to https://github.com/kryptokrona/kryptokrona/tree/master and to the directory called deploy. Inside this directory you will find a setup-node.sh file. Download this file to your computer. Now we just have to modify this script with our own constant values. Open the file up in your favorite text editor.


Change these values to your own values and save the file.

Upload script to VPS

Now we need to upload this to the VPS. We are going to go through how to set it up on a Ubuntu VPS server. You can either copy all the contents of this file and login to your VPS and create this file with nano/vim and save it as setup-node.sh or send it through scp.

scp ~/Downloads/setup-node.sh ubuntu@ip-address:/home/ubuntu/setup-node.sh

This will copy the file to the home directory of the user ubuntu. Now we just have to login to the VPS and set the executable permissions.

ssh ubuntu@ip-address
chmod +x setup.node.sh

Run script

Now we can run the file and it will take care of everything for us.


This process will take a while since it will build the Kryptokrona core to a Docker Image.

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