😎Solo-mining Kryptokrona

Solo-mining Kryptokrona means that you, alone, try to find the next block. It is extremely hard, and not recommended - try our other guides if you want a more steady flow of XKR. Solo-mining is limited to only your CPU.

If you're sure you want to solo mine, let's continue.

Setup and Running

Make sure you have Kryptokrona and miner, both can be found in the latest release.

Note: If they aren't there, you'll have to compile it yourself:

Ensure Kryptokrona is running and fully synced, or find a public node to use here.

Go to your folder that has miner.exe in it and start a cmd prompt.

  • This can easily be done by moving to the Kryptokrona directory in Windows Explorer, then typing cmd in the search bar and hitting enter.

In Linux, you may be able to right click on your directory and "Open in" Terminal.

When it opens, type: miner --address SEKR.. --threads 4 --scan-time 1 --log-level 3

If you're using a remote node, you can add the following flag:

--daemon-address url.to.node:11898

Repace SEKR.. with your Kryptokrona public address. We recommend setting the --threads option to half of how many you have. So if you have 12 threads in your CPU, set it to 6.


miner --address  SEKReX2avthCKT4YUUKV3jgZ1Hderk9XbRciqp8vHVPoDSb9nA1dCV86Jia3TkD4jWgfxeh1AEYV3DKEAesSb7mSAvNqf6cB6kR --threads 4 --scan-time 1 --log-level 3

Congratulations, you are now solo mining Kryptokrona from your CPU.


  • Kryptokrona must stay running for the miner to mine Kryptokrona, unless you use a remote node.

  • Be patient. Finding a block may happen within the first few hours of mining. It also may take a week. Or it may never happen.

  • If you accidently close out Kryptokrona you can restart the miner by hitting Ctrl+C on your keyboard, then re-entering the miner command given above.

  • You may have to adjust the amount of threads based on your PC's capabilities(half of how many your CPU has is recommended).

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